Cada mirada estrena el mundo

viernes, noviembre 23, 2007

nicki jaine

the brilliant dull poet
enters the room
the chamber is brimming with tension
silken girls on beanbags of rough cloth
molding each other’s bodies with skillful fingers
the brilliant dull poet
takes a folder from his bag
a resounding silence ensues
he reads: it rains and rains
but an umbrella doesn’t help
because it is raining from below
from inside the earth
some say the earth is crying
I don’t believe that
to my mind it’s pissing on people
the flickering flame of the candle glowing in the window
brilliant dull poet measures up with a jaded glance
his young and lusty audience and the cozy room
where the pot smoke curls beneath the ceiling in cheerful streams
and patterns
and takes his umbrella and goes
today he must still arrive
he’s unsure
where or why
but he knows he must
not many know that
Jurgen Rooste
Translation: Eric Dickens

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