Cada mirada estrena el mundo

miércoles, diciembre 05, 2007

Francesca Missori

my wife fell asleep in the bed!
the tv turned off on its own and became
furniture, i took a deep breath and
now i’m diving!
in such silence everything works!
like a thunder, freed from the nylon
bag, my wife’s chin flashed!
when she turned, she had a beard like
philosophy!so many hegels in bed!
i gave her roses and said:
what a day!
we avoided the denunciating syntax,
we, actually, didn’t know who talked to whom
and who slept!
i was so courteous that the light went
shall we? i asked, showing her the dark
the light finally became our topic!
i didn’t know if she were leaving me when she moved,
when he moved toward the exhausted bulb?
perhaps she’d already become a saint!
perhaps someplace they celebrate her as a date!
perhaps she’s salty under the beard?
who knows those things, honey?
plumbers are bright people, but where
can you find a bright plumber so quickly
in zagreb
croatia’s business, political and cultural
i’ve got to head to the moon right now! how much junk?
!haa! i’ll yell toward zajceva!
my wife’s dreaming, and i’m watching her dream!
i’ll wake her up,
the picture’s getting worse
the colors are hairy!
if she wakes up, we’ll talk about vcr!
everything is a topic!
Branko Males
Translation: Tomislav Kuzmanovic

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